Betting tip scam explanation – don’t be a victim!

betting tip scam explanation

There are many variations of this scam. Hopefully you will fully understand this betting tip scam explanation, and so will be able to avoid such scams. If you didn’t spot this betting tip scam, you were a victim of survival bias (you were only thinking of the people who made it through a selection process, and ignored those that didn’t). Don’t worry, here’s the betting tip scam explanation:

  • What has happened here is the ‘tipster’ sent say 10,000s of e-mails – some of which backed all the possible outcomes in the first event. You just happened to be in the group that the correct tip was sent to the first time.
  • The second time, the ‘tipster’ e-mails only the group that he had previously sent the 1st winning tip to, and divides them into new groups backing each of the outcomes in the 2nd event.
  • Again and again, this process is repeated.
  • Provided the ‘tipster’ started out with a sufficiently large number of recipients to begin with, to a certain number of people it will look like the ‘tipster’ got a large number of tips in a row correct from the start.
  • The people who received a wrong tip at any time were no longer e-mailed, and they probably didn’t think much of it. But to the group of people who got all correct tips, it will look like the ‘tipster’ is genuine.
  • The ‘tipster’ hopes that a small percentage of people who got the large number of tips in a row correct from the start will sign-up to his ‘tipping service’ for a fee (which will be nothing more than a scam).

In general we recommend you stick to reputable tipping sites (on another note we recommend you always place your bets with reputable bookmakers).