Learn about important concepts in sports betting with our clear and concise explainers. We’ve also got betting previews for upcoming events too.

Horse Racing Betting – Definitive Guide (2023)

Learn the key differences between the popular types of races, available for horse racing betting. Learn about horse racing form, and you’ll know your 3F-1211 from 70-66U5!

  • In Great Britain, you’ll find Flat Racing, and National Hunt Racing. Understand, which horses are more suited to the different race types. Also, what exactly is a furlong?
  • Find out how handicap horse racing works, where the better horses are given a disadvantage. We explain how if the horses have been handicapped, how you might go about picking a winner.
  • 3F-1211 or 70-66U5 isn’t gibberish – it’s how a horse’s recent results are commonly indicated. We explain how to understand horse racing form, so you can use it to inform your horse racing betting decisions.
  • Find out everything you every wanted to know about horse racing betting with this definitive guide.

Betting Odds – Definitive Guide (2023)

Understand the 2 common betting odds systems, and when and why it is useful to switch between them. Plus, we cover Starting Price, Overround, and Wisdom of the Crowd.

  • Fractional odds (e.g. 5/1) make it easy to see how much profit could be made relative to the stake. However, different possible denominators may make comparing odds at a glance difficult.
  • Decimal odds (e.g. 6.0) make it easy to calculate accumulator returns quickly, as well as comparing odds at a glance.
  • Switching odds formats is easy to do with most online bookmakers, and may be helpful depending on what you are doing at the time.
  • Learn about Starting Price betting, where you do not know in advance what odds you are getting. Nevertheless, sometimes this might be a good option (or even the only option).
  • Find out what overround is, how it affects any bet you place. Understand it is in your interest to find relatively low overrounds.
  • We also cover how Wisdom of the Crowd affect odds.
  • Get stuck in to our definitive guide to learn all this essential information, before you place your next bet.

Betting Tip Scam: Could YOU be tricked?

Will this well known betting tip scam fool you – variations of which still catch people out?

  • Although there are many tipsters who attempt to provide genuine tips, there are some scams out there you need to avoid!

Accumulators – Definitive Guide (2023)

Many bettors don’t know that due to overround multiplication, accumulators are usually not a good bet! Find out why you should usually avoid placing accumulators, and possible solutions.

  • Accumulators may initially seem attractive, as they may offer the chance to win a lot of money, from a relatively smaller amount gambled.
  • Accumulators allow you to combine multiple bets (usually 4 or more), and potentially win big IF ALL your selections win.
  • However, the potential of big winnings from accumulators isn’t all that it seems.
  • Let us explain everything you could you want to know about accumulators, including the problems and possible remedies, in this definitive guide.

Sports Betting Mistakes: 3 you must avoid (2023)

Betting using gut instinct (rather than looking for value) is one of the biggest sports betting mistakes you can make. Also, what should you avoid doing with your bankroll? And, why should you stay away from arbitrage betting?

  • We cover the reasons why we think you will need to avoid these 3 sports betting mistakes, in our detailed guide.

Grand National Betting – Definitive Guide (2023)

  • Learn how to make a more informed decision as to which horse to back in the 2023 Grand National betting. Look for value, instead of just picking the name of horse you like or picking at random.
  • We look at the race’s exciting recent history. A 50/1 winner in the Grand National betting, the 1st female jockey to win, the cancelled race, and back to back wins for Tiger Roll. And, that’s just the last 5 years! Plus, we have some interesting Grand National facts.
  • We also give you our tips for this most famous of races.
  • Start reading our guide to find out everything you could want to know about Grand National betting.