What are the advantages of online bingo?

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The possibility of more cards per game, automatic daubing, a bigger community to chat with, smaller games, bigger games, and exciting bingo variants make online bingo a no-brainer for many bingo lovers.

More cards per game

You can usually purchase more cards per game. Of course this will cost you more, but usually improve your odds of winning. You may even pay less per card depending on any deals available, when bought as part of a bundle!

Automatic daubing

You don’t need to daub your numbers – this is done automatically. Your best cards are sorted and highlighted for you too.

This means you won’t make a mistake as regards marking off numbers (as you might do live, costing you a big win)!

Online chat & community

You have the opportunity to use online chat with other players from all over the UK or even worldwide, possibly building lasting relationships and a community with a far greater reach of players than you would at your local live venue. Also, as your numbers are automatically daubed, you can spend your time chatting.

Smaller & bigger games

You can usually play for much smaller amounts per card (even 1p per card) than would be viable at a live location. Also, whilst live bingo have some notable big prize games (usually by linking various clubs to create a bigger game), games with big or even life changing jackpots are more frequent online.

Exciting Variants

You could also play different versions of bingo not available at your local venue, such as American 75 ball bingo. You may find this much more interesting than playing exactly the same game every time!