UK Bingo lingo – bingo ball nicknames

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As each ball is drawn bingo callers often use nicknames (bingo lingo) – they may say “Two little ducks, 22.” Some callers will use different nicknames from those indicated below, and/or only use nicknames for some of the balls drawn. Here are some examples of interesting nicknames for certain balls.

UK bingo lingo – what the number looks like

2 One little duck
22 Two little ducks
11 Legs eleven
8 One Fat Lady
81 Fat lady with a walking stick
88 Two fat ladies

UK bingo lingo – quantities

6 Half a dozen
12 One dozen
20 One score

UK bingo lingo – rhyming

28 Overweight
29 Rise and shine
34 Ask for more
58 Make them wait

UK bingo lingo – 90 possible balls

45 Halfway there
89 Nearly there
90 Top of the shop

UK bingo lingo – superstition

7 Lucky
13 Unlucky for some